About Us

CEE Sourcing Ltd is a Sheffield based smart sourcing company, which helps businesses finding their desired contracting partners. Our aim is to help our clients work with the best partner to them, cut operational cost, deliver a job within the expected timeframes, quality and speed as if it would come from a local subcontractor. We give you access to diverse talents, that are flexible, well educated and a reliable long-term partner.

CEE Sourcing is specialized in the following areas: administrative support, information technology support and business services e.g.: customer helpdesk, virtual assistance, document scanning and processing, application development, contact centre, telemarketing, software development, data centre management and many more.

How does the matching work?

  1. You send us your project requirements and we will match you with the best experts on the field based on initially outlined criteria.
  2. We look through on our partner database, then evaluate which company would suit best with the services and skills for the project.
  3. CEE Sourcing Ltd collects the proposals from various partners, which get evaluated, based on price, quality and expertise.

So all you have to do is sit back and relax and let us find the best-outsourced partners for you!

We hope to make your first outsourcing match soon!


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