About Us

CEE Sourcing Ltd, the Sheffield-based business hub, provides enterprises with access to a wide range of resources, enabling them to grow rapidly and reach the next stage of their development.

CEE Sourcing is able to provide resources and services in the following areas: administrative support, information technology support and business services e.g customer helpdesk, virtual assistance, document scanning and processing, application development, contact centre, telemarketing, software development, data centre management and many more.

Our services are to find the best resources, suppliers, outsourcing service providers or single experts for a specific task you require.
Simply send us your specifications and we will do the time consuming, laborious background work. We will identify the companies in our database who have relevant services or skills for you, we will request and collect proposals and evaluate them. This saves you time and energy and adds quality and speed to the supplier search process.

How we work

  1. Establishing contact between your company and O2HU
    1. You fill in our (looking for a service providers?, looking for an investment destination? or general) contact form according to your needs
    2. One of our team member calls/emails you
  2. We will aim to have a basic understanding of your requirements
    1. Making a preliminary survey about the potential resources / providers
    2. You give us your approval to continue
    3. Signing an Non Disclosure Agreement
    4. Detailed understanding of your requirements
  3. Creation of RFP (Request for Proposal) and sending out to potential suppliers
    1. Evaluation and summary of the various proposals by ourselves
    2. Selection of the preferred supplier by yourself
  4. Facilitate the pricing and the T&C negotiation process
    1. Facilitating the signature of the main contract, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) & other agreements
  5. Project kick-off meeting
    1. Manage the transition phase (if it is needed)
  6. Monitoring of the suppliers and getting feedback to you on an ongoing basis


We will launch a monthly newsletter in which we would like to share selected news and useful information about the sourcing industry. We will introduce companies who have innovative solutions and present the hottest investment destinations. Stay informed. Find your partner or investment destination. Get impressions from the industry leaders. Stay in the game. Sign up now.