BPO Site Selection

Site selection is a crucial part of your BPO setup project. The place you choose to start your new operation will influence almost everything, from access to the right workforce to the cost of your BPO operation.

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At CEE Sourcing, we undertake a systematic site selection procedure to ensure the location meets your required criteria.

We can support you during the entire process, including helping you define the selection criteria and acquiring a site.

Our expert team have worked on a number of projects to secure successful sites for clients across a variety of industries.

CEE Sourcing can help to locate suitable office spaces that fit your business’ needs.

We can help to plan and develop the physical infrastructure of the office, whereby our consultants will handle network planning and IT procurement, as well as the creation of IT manuals, disaster recovery plans and business continuity planning.

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The team at CEE Sourcing will carry out due diligence during the site selection process, making sure areas including legal, architecture and installations do not pose any problems.

We understand how important it is to carry out a thorough location decision process, and thanks to our extensive experience across UK and CEE markets, we’re confident our consultancy site selection services will deliver.