The secret behind a successful bounce-back

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Given the coronavirus pandemic, here at CEE Sourcing Ltd. we understand how tough it has been for every business during the lockdown. We have been working on solutions tirelessly to bring alternatives and solutions to our clients, not only to keep their business running now but also to be ahead of the competition when all this blows […]

How to Enter a Foreign Market Successfully

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Expanding your business into another market is an important and exciting time for your organisation, but with it comes research, planning and implementation, all of which can be challenging. At CEE Sourcing, we have over 20 years of experience in supporting businesses with entering new markets successfully. In our latest blog, we take a look […]

Niche, Niche!


  A niche piac, azaz a piaci rés, az ahova sikerrel beléphetünk az új piacunkon. De ha nem találjuk meg azt a szegmenst, ahol versenyképesek tudunk lenni, akkor el se kezdjük a piacra lépést! Tudom, ez így eléggé lehangoló. Mégis azt mondom, hogy az első a piackutatás. Lehet elcsípni egy-egy morzsát az asztal alól, de […]