Emerging Europe M&A activity

Emerging Europe M&A activity

More than 45bn EUR foreign investment went to Russia and 1,7bn to Ukraine last year. The largest investors were the USA, Germany and the UK. Russia was the most active M&A market, with 609 deals in 2021. 

UK was the 3rd largest investor in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region with 2.06bn investment in 106 deals last year.

“The M&A activity in the IT sector has been making the headlines as well, especially the R&D driven investments, with big-ticket players like Porsche expanded their global innovation networks to this region.

However, investor interest is in the multi-billion telco infra deals and goes much wider. It has also become the highest cumulative deal value sector, reaching EUR 23.4bn in 2021. Interestingly, while traditional telco transactions were collectively good for 86% of the deal value in 2018, now they make up just 38% of the total, with the rest of the money being splashed on IT acquisitions.

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