Külföldi vállalkozás indítása

Entering a new market can come with operational challenges that requires an expert’s insight..

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When you set up your business in a foreign market, you may be faced with challenges such as a lack of knowledge of the local business culture or having a lack of contacts in the region.

This can leave your business at risk of not being able to access the right support at the right time.

With CEE Sourcing as your partner, you won’t have to face these challenges.

We can support you across a variety of administrative and operational tasks so that the setup of your business in a new market is much easier to achieve, than if you were doing it alone.

Our local expertise and knowledge of UK and Central & Eastern European markets makes us an ideal partner for those looking to expand, as we can connect you to professional partners that meet your needs.

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Our market entry operation setup and support services can assist with a number of tasks that you might be unfamiliar with in a new region, including company registration and legalities.

We can also help with investments and grants in your market of choice. Involvement in the local business community is also key for success, and CEE Sourcing can put you in touch with the right network of suppliers and partners to drive your business forward.