Market Entry Support

We get your company ready to enter into the UK or Central & Eastern European markets.

At CEE Sourcing, we can offer a variety of advisory and consultancy services to help your business achieve successful market entry. If you currently operate in the UK and wish to expand into the Central and Eastern European market, or vice versa, the team here at CEE can offer invaluable services to make sure it is done effectively.

We can get your company ready to enter the UK or Central and Eastern European markets, through our market entry support, planning and strategy services. We understand that entering a new market can be complicated and requires expert knowledge on the local culture, behaviour and business practices. Through our market entry support services, we can create a solid foundation for your business to expand and grow successfully.

At CEE Sourcing, we can offer outsourcing consultancy, mentoring and practical services to make sure your market entry strategy is effective. From market analysis and entry planning to implementation, we are your number one partner for the UK and Central & Eastern European markets. We have the expertise to assist with preparatory work that allows you to be competitive in your new market, as well as assisting with logistics and operational suppliers to ensure you have everything you need.

The team at CEE sourcing have impressive experience in creating both UK and European market entry strategies, offering support on local information for that region across a wide range of industries. Find out more about our market entry support services by clicking on each box below.