What brings the 2023 Spring Budget to businesses?

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All in all, Jeremy Hunt announced good news when he presented the 2023 spring budget. Let’s start with the most important, beer duty will not rise. Even the Tories have not dared to risk raising it. To put it more seriously, Mr Hunt said the British Economy is unlikely to go into recession. It’s close […]

Rocketing wages yet shortage in skills in the IT sector


The Manchester Digital 2023 Digital Skills Audit report gives us insightful information about the IT labour market. The growth of the hybrid working model is unstoppable. In 2022, 44%, while in 2023, 78% of workers will be in hybrid jobs in the tech sector. Salaries have risen for all positions, but the most significant, 53% […]

Seven levers for corporate success: A 7-part series by McKinsey

Imbedding healthy practices and sustaining improvements can help business functions be both effective and efficient. The following McKinsey article is an introduction to a seven-part series which sets the stage for why business functions need a structured approach and leadership commitment to be both effective and efficient. Each of the seven levers that help embed […]

The secret behind a successful bounce-back

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Given the coronavirus pandemic, here at CEE Sourcing Ltd. we understand how tough it has been for every business during the lockdown. We have been working on solutions tirelessly to bring alternatives and solutions to our clients, not only to keep their business running now but also to be ahead of the competition when all this blows […]

How to Enter a Foreign Market Successfully

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Expanding your business into another market is an important and exciting time for your organisation, but with it comes research, planning and implementation, all of which can be challenging. At CEE Sourcing, we have over 20 years of experience in supporting businesses with entering new markets successfully. In our latest blog, we take a look […]

How Could IT Outsourcing Benefit Your Business?

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Outsourcing some of your business processes can be a huge weight off your shoulders and could even help your business to grow and succeed further. In particular, outsourcing your IT functions can help you to keep up to date with business demands and overcome business challenges, while staying within your budget. At CEE Sourcing, we […]

Ukraine-Russia War Impacts IT Services

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The labour shortages and price increase are the instant impacts of the war. In addition, the growing risks will also affect the region. For more information click here.  

Global demand for technology services is growing, but there is a problem

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Positive figures from ISG’s new 3Q Index Insider, but there is a problem. According to the report, the global demand for technology services shows strong growth. In parallel with this, talent shortages have become a common problem across the globe. The “Great Resignation” wave and high attrition rate add fuel to the fire. ISG estimated […]

Outsourcing is the new normal

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Outsourcing is the new normal Did you know that 57% of business leaders cited improving efficiency as a driver of outsourcing? And 40% of global business currently or plan to outsource business processes? You can read more interesting information about this topic Raconteur’s . You can download it here future-of-outsourcing

Is this the end of the golden era?

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Economic risk has transformed corporate investment strategies. In the past decades, organisations transformed their operation into a globally integrated enterprise, which locates its operations and functions anywhere in the world, based on the right cost, the right skills and the right business environment. This transformation was possible because the political changes allowed countries to open […]