Operation Setup

We can support you in finding the right BPO provider and understanding how the operation will be set up.

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Our Account Managers and Business Consultants will help determine which organisational setup is most suitable for your business, depending mainly on the parent company’s original structure and the services which will be performed in the BPO centre.

Simultaneously, while the physical office planning is taking place, CEE Sourcing experts also focus on the other important elements in setting up a BPO, such as HR and labour, recruitment, and tax incentives, investment subsidies planning.

Our labour lawyers’ partners work with our clients to help define the company’s labour policies in the destination country and draft the employment contracts.

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Recruitment is another critical element in establishing any operation.

With our local partners, we help recruit and train your new workforce.

Our services can help your organisation save crucial time in the early stages of operation by quickly sourcing qualified staff.